AKS ZIELONKA was established in 1984 focusing its business activities mainly on production. The headquarters and the main production factory are located in Kobyłka, with the sales department and some of the warehouse facilities in Zielonka, near Warsaw. The company specializes in the production of comprehensive solutions for cabling and wiring management systems, and power cables.

Our sales offer includes, among others, the following products:
  • MKE, KE and KPP PVC cable ducts with accessories
  • Power cables
  • Components for professional computer networks

Our production list has been constantly increasing, months by months. The high quality of our products results mainly from the application of raw materials of best quality, and the use of the cutting-edge technology and equipment, but first of all, it must be also attributed to our highly qualified and experienced staff. Our particular attention given to quality has been reflected in a number of certificates received by our company, but also by numerous proves of appreciation expressed by our customers.

Some of our very unique technical solutions, allowing for the production of high quality products, have been legally protected with the certificates issued by the Polish Patent Office.